Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This Song is Called, My Mom Hits Harder

American Nightmare is kind of one of those hardcore bands you either love to death or just feel indifferent about. Wes' lyrics aren't usually my favourites to read, but listening to them is rather fun. The singing along makes it too enjoyable to care and they wrote a few really fucking catchy songs.
Something that I appreciate about AN/AN/GutG is how original their sound was. An obviously contemporized (for the time) version of classic hardcore punk. Plenty of Black Flag, Minor Threat and Bad Brains influences to go around. This amalgam has become fast, energetic no frills hardcore that's full punk. Lots of punk. Tons and tons of gang vocals, circle pits and stage dives. The crucial stuff.
 Oh, and what about the fucking awesome Cro-Mags cover they do. By far one of the best Cro-Mags covers ever.
Another interesting point to bring up is how Wes has one arm! I'm not talking Rick Allen one arm, but he's missing like a quarter of his arm, mid forearm to hand is gone. Long gone. I have no idea why to be honest, but it didn't stop him from going completely nuts live. 

Full discog here
On a side note, Warwounds(Fuck America) is a fabulous blog with tons and tons of hardcore discographies. You're missing out on some history if you don't read that site.

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