Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunday Songs To Do Bong Rips To

Since yesterday Metal Sucks (and me) didn't do anything yesterday I'm going to do it today. I'm using Crowpath because Mr. Childers made a post about asterisk* and some people (including myself) commented about them. These guys are an awesome Swedish band that I first found out about in High School. Their metal is chaotic and groove laden enough to make for a good soundtrack or background to/for some bong rips that give a heavy kick to your brain.
I can understand why people label them as deathy because I sometimes see a strong Hate Eternal influence, and you can even compare them to Ed Gein(though this may be more coincidence). Crowpath utilizes odd time signatures in the drums, the rampant,insane riffing and the "slinky" yet crunchy bass a lot of bands use. They have a sort of tech style that is reminiscant of Ed Gein kind but Crowpath differs in they don't play it almost to a powerviolence/noise level. They actually manage to get really brutal (obviously the Hate Eternal reference) in both slower parts and lots of blasting passages. Then they start to lay down sick grooves that are low end heavy. The bass riff in the uber groove at the end of "Twenty Years Delayed Abortion" is a really good example of this. The vocalist(Henrik Ivarsson, awesome Swedish name) does a lot of standard screaming he also blurts, wretches, scrowls and even screeches out some dense, heavy and very expressive words that seem more accessible than most of the American "poetic" lyric writers I'm used to. Except Jacob Bannon. <--"The Suburban Plague" contains my favourite lyrics, but there are some other good ones too. Fortunately these guys are a metal band and not hardcore, so lyrics aren't a super, super important element for me with these guys.

The other songs I posted besides the ones above are:
"Like Flies To Flames"
"Kings Among Cockroaches"

The four songs I posted are from "Old Cuts and Blunt Knives" which is a discography of their vinyl releases and "Red On Chrome" is their first full-length album. I know they've released two records since then but I havn't heard them. I'm sure they're great though. If anyone needs specfic track details let me know.

Monday Morning Songs for Bong Rips Before Work

So today I have a couple of hours to myself before I go to work. So I'm hanging out with the dog and listening to some Animosity. I saw these guys the weekend before Thanksgiving here in Lawrence (at the Bottleneck) with All Shall Perish, Job For A Cowboy, Hate Eternal and Annotations Of An Autopsy. I had heard Animosity a few times before, a couple of songs off of each album when it came out, and wasn't super impressed. But when I saw those guys live I was super impressed. Their singer was just losing it with the posi-style jumps and the fucking awesome faces he made running around belting out awesome metal. They had lots of blasts and shredding which are two things I like. They played "A Passionate Journey" just like on record and the scream at the beginning is fucking awesome live too. Hearing it in a venue is what motivated me to get some of their music. I do have to say some of their songs are a little bit boring on record, but if five are filler and the rest are good, you can't really complain. I uploaded some songs from both of their records on Black Market Activities "Empires" and "Animal". If anyone wants playlists lemme know. And yes they played all of these songs live.

I hear that life goes on, but I guess just not for everyone. Consumed by bliss that now all I do is miss. The memories can make me happy but now I'm fucking pissed!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Songs to Do Bong Rips To

Since Metal Sucks hasn't posted anything to smoke lots of pot to today, I'm taking the honor again. Wait until you hear this shit.
Brain Drill is from somewhere in CA. They the kind of bone liquefying tech metal PsyOpus and Necrophagist play. Necrophagist is a little more straight death metal and PsyOpus is a little more contemporary ADD/spazz grind, which sort of puts Brain Drill in the middle. Ridiculous fast blasts, probably even lots of gravity blasting for good measure, all kinds really fast guitar sweeps/scales/riffs and bass runs/rumbles with the cliche "inhuman growls and bloody shrieks". It's not that these guys are particularly progressive with their lyrics or at all experimental/proggy a band, but fucking one-legged autistic christ they're fast. And their singer really fucking let's it out. His lows are terrifying, and throat grinding while his highs are intense shrieks of desperation from being eaten. For me, it really just all comes together. You get head trauma from the blasts and when they slow down to use some groove it's heavy enough to asphyxiate you.
This awesome musicianship combined with the bands interest in zombie apocalypse, consuming copious amounts of marijuana, excessive cursing and being genuinely awesome are all things I enjoy to do every day. The songs I uploaded are from "Apocolyptic Feasting" but "The Parasites" is also on their EP of the same name. Here's a full track listing of the CD with the songs I uploaded italicized.

  1. Gorification
  2. The Parasites
  3. Apocalyptic Feasting
  4. Swine Slaughter
  5. Forecfed Human Shit
  6. Consumed By the Dead
  7. Revelation
  8. Bury The Living
  9. The Depths of Darkness
  10. Sadistic Abductive

I also recommend "Swine Slaughter", as it rips faces off too.

This is my attempt at not making some ridiculous pun that's not at all funny. This is brutal and fast.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

From Soft to Hard

Backstabbers Inc.- "Evolution" 7"
Notice the Man Is the Bastard style skulls,
this trend has been going strong for quite some time.

First off this post is in response to to am I mean? for him posting about a Trap Them 12".
In an effort to post more informational posts I'm going to start actually looking at my copies of the records I post. For instance this 7" came out in 2000, is the first Cadmium Sick Records released and the lyrics are printed on a separate sheet of paper. It's a little less than seven minutes of fucking hateful hardcore/grind. The kind of music that warrants stomping head walks and vicious circle pits. These guys can even get really dense and chaotic and with blastbeats and some ripping low end. This is a really good precursor for the rest of their material and the next band some of the members are in, Trap Them. I haven't heard more than like four songs by Trap Them (who changed their name, see below) but apparently it's been a good transition is style for them. But BSI is just an honest expression of contempt for the things we that we all hate played in a very fast and loud. Which is how it should be. The only time I've seen them was at the first Bottlerocket Fest in MI. They were one of the bands I was most excited about seeing and I was not disappointed. Every second was they played weighed so heavily on me by the cacophony they were releasing through the amps. Every second Ryan was screaming was a moment the anger he felt about the things happening around seethed out. I think it's great when people's faces get so ready and strained from moving and screaming, and that's just what everyone in the band was doing.
I also have have a 7" comp call "People Don't Take Photographs of Things They Want to Forget" with Transistor Transistor, Purity's Failure, Trap Them & Kill Them and Advocate on Broken Press. The BSI song is called "Flesh Wounds, Target Practice and How I Became a Statistic" It's transparent blue, side A says "Cir Sus Peanuts..." on the matrix and side B says "Get fucked" on the matrix. I don't have any of the songs from this in digital format, but I would like to find a way to rip my vinyl.
I unfortunately couldn't really find any pressing information on either of these.
BSI also put out a discography on Black Market Activities (Guy from The Red Chord's label) called "Bare As Bones" that has the 7" I posted, and I believe two other 7"s. They also put out an LP called "Kamikaze Missions" on Trash Art! before they broke up. They were originally based out of Vermont/New Hampshire, but had a large number of member changes including lots of drummers and at least three bass players, and I know some of their drummers were also in The Red Chord and Unearth.

The correct track listing is as follows:
Hair and Nails, Nails and Hair(Don't Kiss the Rapist)
I Wish You Were Here (So I Could Tell You to Leave
Still Photos Exemplifying Blind Rage
"Sergeant Gun In Mouth, Reporting For Duty"
Problem Solving Technique Of An Asshole
Send Me A Fucking Blitzkrieg
What If He Shouts Back? (The Anti-tortured Souls Campaign Anthem)

"Thanks to those who've pulled the knives from our backs."

Friday, December 12, 2008

I went and did some shopping today. In addition to buying the "Jeremiah" 12" EP from Godspeed! You Black Emperor for Christmas gift I bought for myself the following:

Shredder Compilation 7", has songs from S.A.D. Boyz, Kondom-Nation, Aducted Children, Slut
Vinyl, Capitol Punishment and Plaid Retina.

Girls of The Gravitron 7". I've never actually heard them before, but a kid I went to high school with is in the band, so I picked it up.

Youth Revolt "Second Opinion" 7"

Cause for Alarm/Warzone split 10"

Judas Priest "Point of Entry"

and lastly I got a limited edition version of Avskum's "In the Spirit of Mass Destruction". The cover is what I'm assuming to be silk screened. The back is a map of their 2005 (un)American Tour. I didn't realize this until I bought it, but it's also quite limited. Hand numbered 131/200 limited. I can't wait to play everything.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I've seen other posts (this among others) about today being the fourth anniversary (ironic word to use) of Dimebag Darrel being murdered. Since I've yet to do a legitimate blog about this since then (used to have a Xanga) I'm gonna talk about it now as a reaction to the blogs talking about it in the past couple of days.
Living less than an hour from Columbus allowed me to go there a lot and see bands play at the different venues. I've been to all the big arenas and all the popular smaller ones. The Newport could hold a lot of people and it was loud as fuck inside, but it had a barrier to the nine foot stage. Bernie's was bar/restaurant that has bands play basically every day, sometimes multiple shows. I saw a bunch of Facedown bands play a matinee and then saw The AKA's (to make fun of Mike Ski(Pitboss is from Columbus:p)) and the Unseen. But it as also shady as fuck, poorly staffed and the bathrooms had more people pee into the sink than the urinal. The High Five had a cool vibe but frequently changed ownership and suffers a lot of in-fighting. Amongst others was the Alrosa. It's been one of the longest standing venues in the country and family-owned, so it has it'd credentials besides what shit talkers say. The bar is reasonably priced, every show is all-ages, there's usually no barrier unless the bands requests it, and they have a fuck ton of shows there. I've seen Fear Factory, Lamb of God, Sworn Enemy, Most Precious Blood, God Forbid, hatebreed, Sick of It All, With Honor, Judas Priest, Cephalic Carnage, Mortician and Internal Bleeding there at different times in my life. The outside area even has a fucking barbecue. What other venue does that? Having spent so much time in this area I couldn't believe what I saw. CNN was telling me Dimebag Darrel and Big Val were dead. Fucking A. And I'm still a little more than bummed about it today too. Pantera has always been in my steady rotation of music the past 8-10 years. I think only way I'll get closure is if Macabre write a song about the guy that killed Dimebag.
The songs below are some of my favourite Pantera songs, but I uploaded them out of the order I wanted and I'm too lazy to redo it all. Here's the way I wanted to do it (in chronological order):
Domination (Cowboys From Hell)
New Level (Vulgar Dispaly of Power)
I'm Broken (Far Beyond Driven)
(Reprise) Sandblasted Skin (The Great Southern Trendkill)
I Can't Hide (Official Live:101 Proof("prevoiusly unreleased"(B-side maybe?))
Hellbound (Reinventing the Steel)

As for my favourite Pantera record, it's pretty fucking hard to choose. Each one has a strong record title, each one unique and uber metal. But this is where Cowboys From Hell dies. There are only like three or four songs on it I really like. It's still a little too glam metal. The live record doesn't really count, and neither do any of the home videos, although all of them are fucking rad. Reinventing the Steel is obviously next to go. While not their worst albums, it's also not able to stand up against the earlier records. I think like most final albums from good bands that take long breaks it's a little forced. Phil had Down and I think even Superjoint going on at that time, and I think he was still on heroin at this point. While good for some bands (Ministry, John Coltrain) Pantera is totally a drunk/stoner band. Now the final three. Great Southern Trendkill while excessively (is there such a thing) violent, has this super thick ZZ Top influence over it making it so smooth and rich. Like a Guinness Stout. It's rock and roll and metal. While both independent, still very cohesive. They did it way better than those faggots Every Time I Die (who are from New York mind you). The contest between Vulgar and Far Beyond Driven is only decided by sheer brutality. Vulgar Display of Power was the perfect segue between Cowboys and Far Beyond Driven. The only elements left of their days in the 80's was the POWER METAL heritage of kicking ass which they fused with their primal metal instincts making something not quite thrash or power metal but a new breed of American Metal. It was the blend of Sabbath/Priest/Maiden/Motorhead with their contemporaries (Slayer, Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies) into something new a furious. But this is where Far Beyond Driven wins because it's Vulgar to an unknown exponent. It's Pantera at their rawest, and most brutal. Without you having to, it eviscerates all nay-sayers.

PS: I posted I Can't Hide because it show off their hardcore roots, whether we want to believe it or not.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Song to Do Bong Rips To

Since Metal Sucks posted two Burst songs I'm doing another one of these. Burst is is cool if you're into more mellow hard rock kind of stuff but that's for pussies. I think you guys should listen to this Coalesce song after a few rips from your bong. There's this uber thick groove they lay before using more weird progressions. You can absolutely feel the hate that was festering and boiling inside these guys before they let it lurch out in their form of a metal Black Flag song (not considering their cover of Jealous Again, this is more like My War). It's both the best and worst opening song of 012:Revolution In Just Listening. Sean Ingram starts it off with some "spoken word" (for lack of a better term) before the aforementioned groove starts and this all combined makes for such of good song overall that it's hard to outdo. Eternal, terrifying juxtapositions continue.

Fuck the Get Up Kids and fuck Reggie and the Full Effect.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Songs to Listen to While Fucked Up on Cold Medication

I'm sick as fuck today and in honour of my devouring lots of synthetic things I usually would never consume I'm posting to music I usually don't admit LOVING. There was a good three years where .hopesfall. was one of my favourite bands. But due to the usual member swapping, label drama, musical evolutions I'd rather put my dick on a chainsaw than listen to "A-Types" or "Magnetic North". Interestingly, the singer for HUM (Matt Talbot) produced "The Satellite Years" and did some extra vocals on "Escape Pods for Intangibles". And it's really not a surprise knowing HUM is an obvious influence on .hopesfall.
But I digress from their full-length as I'm posting songs from the EP right before that, "No Wings to Speak Of". I'm excluding "April Left With Silence" because it's my least favourite song. It's so poppy and not following the style that I like .hopesfall. to play. The other three songs have Jay Forest screaming his balls off to this atmospheric, melodic version of hardcore. You see them labeled as post-hardcore a lot, but I feel that's a pretty misleading assesment (as are most genre titles given by popular culture) as for me it's this awesomely weird coalescion of indie-rock and melodic hardcore. I guess I don't really know how to describe it, but I like it.

Make sure to take too much Robotussin so you're tripping balls.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I look at Buzzgrinder a couple of times a day and I have to admit the Seth is the only guy I like doing the Morning Buzz. Trivial? Yes.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Saturday Song to Do Bong Rips To

I try to read Metal Sucks and the only thing they post on weekend is a song I can do bong rips to. Considering I just bought a bong on Saturday while still in OH for thanksgiving. But they don't do this every weekend so I'm taking the oppurtunity to do it for them. I'll probably link my posts on their site somewhere to show them how much they suck ;p.

Right now I'm gonna use the song that fit best for my trip back and forth from KS. I've always tried to hype up any band I like from OH since it is my home state, so this is almost ironic. Especially if you consider one of my best friends is Ringworm's touring drummer (no more name drops I promise). Anyway, when you're at home you can sit down and listen to the fifteen minutes of epic presented before you. I favor most music that's short and fast, but Mouth of the Architect is so good at weaving groove and melody in a way that's absurdly metal.

I did not wish to be here, but I will go where I desire.