Monday, December 1, 2008

Saturday Song to Do Bong Rips To

I try to read Metal Sucks and the only thing they post on weekend is a song I can do bong rips to. Considering I just bought a bong on Saturday while still in OH for thanksgiving. But they don't do this every weekend so I'm taking the oppurtunity to do it for them. I'll probably link my posts on their site somewhere to show them how much they suck ;p.

Right now I'm gonna use the song that fit best for my trip back and forth from KS. I've always tried to hype up any band I like from OH since it is my home state, so this is almost ironic. Especially if you consider one of my best friends is Ringworm's touring drummer (no more name drops I promise). Anyway, when you're at home you can sit down and listen to the fifteen minutes of epic presented before you. I favor most music that's short and fast, but Mouth of the Architect is so good at weaving groove and melody in a way that's absurdly metal.

I did not wish to be here, but I will go where I desire.

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