Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday Songs to Do Bong Rips To

Since Metal Sucks hasn't posted anything to smoke lots of pot to today, I'm taking the honor again. Wait until you hear this shit.
Brain Drill is from somewhere in CA. They the kind of bone liquefying tech metal PsyOpus and Necrophagist play. Necrophagist is a little more straight death metal and PsyOpus is a little more contemporary ADD/spazz grind, which sort of puts Brain Drill in the middle. Ridiculous fast blasts, probably even lots of gravity blasting for good measure, all kinds really fast guitar sweeps/scales/riffs and bass runs/rumbles with the cliche "inhuman growls and bloody shrieks". It's not that these guys are particularly progressive with their lyrics or at all experimental/proggy a band, but fucking one-legged autistic christ they're fast. And their singer really fucking let's it out. His lows are terrifying, and throat grinding while his highs are intense shrieks of desperation from being eaten. For me, it really just all comes together. You get head trauma from the blasts and when they slow down to use some groove it's heavy enough to asphyxiate you.
This awesome musicianship combined with the bands interest in zombie apocalypse, consuming copious amounts of marijuana, excessive cursing and being genuinely awesome are all things I enjoy to do every day. The songs I uploaded are from "Apocolyptic Feasting" but "The Parasites" is also on their EP of the same name. Here's a full track listing of the CD with the songs I uploaded italicized.

  1. Gorification
  2. The Parasites
  3. Apocalyptic Feasting
  4. Swine Slaughter
  5. Forecfed Human Shit
  6. Consumed By the Dead
  7. Revelation
  8. Bury The Living
  9. The Depths of Darkness
  10. Sadistic Abductive

I also recommend "Swine Slaughter", as it rips faces off too.

This is my attempt at not making some ridiculous pun that's not at all funny. This is brutal and fast.

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