Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Morning Songs for Bong Rips Before Work

So today I have a couple of hours to myself before I go to work. So I'm hanging out with the dog and listening to some Animosity. I saw these guys the weekend before Thanksgiving here in Lawrence (at the Bottleneck) with All Shall Perish, Job For A Cowboy, Hate Eternal and Annotations Of An Autopsy. I had heard Animosity a few times before, a couple of songs off of each album when it came out, and wasn't super impressed. But when I saw those guys live I was super impressed. Their singer was just losing it with the posi-style jumps and the fucking awesome faces he made running around belting out awesome metal. They had lots of blasts and shredding which are two things I like. They played "A Passionate Journey" just like on record and the scream at the beginning is fucking awesome live too. Hearing it in a venue is what motivated me to get some of their music. I do have to say some of their songs are a little bit boring on record, but if five are filler and the rest are good, you can't really complain. I uploaded some songs from both of their records on Black Market Activities "Empires" and "Animal". If anyone wants playlists lemme know. And yes they played all of these songs live.

I hear that life goes on, but I guess just not for everyone. Consumed by bliss that now all I do is miss. The memories can make me happy but now I'm fucking pissed!

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