Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Song to Do Bong Rips To

Since Metal Sucks posted two Burst songs I'm doing another one of these. Burst is is cool if you're into more mellow hard rock kind of stuff but that's for pussies. I think you guys should listen to this Coalesce song after a few rips from your bong. There's this uber thick groove they lay before using more weird progressions. You can absolutely feel the hate that was festering and boiling inside these guys before they let it lurch out in their form of a metal Black Flag song (not considering their cover of Jealous Again, this is more like My War). It's both the best and worst opening song of 012:Revolution In Just Listening. Sean Ingram starts it off with some "spoken word" (for lack of a better term) before the aforementioned groove starts and this all combined makes for such of good song overall that it's hard to outdo. Eternal, terrifying juxtapositions continue.

Fuck the Get Up Kids and fuck Reggie and the Full Effect.

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