Friday, November 19, 2010

Crippler Crossover

So before me or anyone else talks about any of these bands anymore: Crucial Unit, Municipal Waste, Hummingbird of Death, Kill Your Idols, Slayer, Leeway, Suicidal Tendencies, North Side Kings, or Capitalist Casualties, we need to talk about D.R.I.
Ultra old school, ultra fast, ultra D.I.Y. hardcore from Texass. The Dirty Rotten Imbeciles are one of the few bands to write the rules for crossover, thrash, hardcore, and fastcore. And probably indirectly for grind and powerviolence too. On this LP (The Dirty Rotten LP) they blow through 27 in less than an equal amount of time. Almost always keeping it interesting mixing in slower parts ("I Want More", "Violent Pacification", "The Explorer") with just rad fast hardcore. The drums are fast circle pit beats side by side with loud talking vocals. Not much yelling or screaming, just loud fast talking and some regular fast talking and a little normal talking, all discussing lyrics of various subject matter. Serious, fun and overall important things are discussed. Their guitar player shows nods to his favorite bands with Discharge ("Dennis' Problem"), and the staple DC and OC bands ("Closet Punk", "Commuter Man" etc.). These influences are good to have though since it keeps the ideas new and flowing but only in the circular constraints of awesomeness. Sort of like a circle pit. Album highlights for me are "Money Stinks", "Couch Slouch (The Crucial Take)", "I Don't Need Society", and "Snap". I can't explain that last one, that's just how it is.

"Money stinks, money stinks. Yeah it stinks."

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Here's a full split that will only get half reviewed. Why? Because only one side blew me away. Sylvester Staline is a French poweviolence band that blasts like having a Fuck On The Beach never went out of style. Screaming, blazing(LOL GET IT) fast hardcore about Satan and smoking weed. Most of the songs titles give indications how they feel about recreational cannabis use. I've never been, but I wouldn't be inclined to see the French as crusty stoner punks, but here they are blasting away between feedback laden interludes. This four piece really puts out a cacophonous wall of sound. The only real low end is in the bass which lays down some thick groove over two-stepping drum beats. They're druer doesn't do much beyond two-steps and blasts but that's a-hokay with me. The vocals and guitar are both wailing, screeching forces of punk recognition only discernible by lyrics, which are unintelligible and almost exclusively about weed. Tre bien!
Appropriate anecdote, my friend Teen Wolf has a steam roller pipe in the form of Satan. What do we do? Smoke out of it listening to these guys and Slayer!
There aren't too many bands I'm aware of from France besides these guys and maybe with reason, because they're so sick. Seth. Rainbow of Death. Gojira. None hold a candle to Sylvester Staline. Like I said, grinding powerviolence!

"Hey ladies! If you ain't no bitch, don't like to be called bitch, put ya hands up like this, here!"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

7" to Do Bong Rips To

I've been seriously rocking the Birdflesh/Embalming Theatre split 7". If I could find a physical copy for myself I'd play the shit out of it but instead I've just listening to it nonstop on my iPod. Although I must admit I only listen to the Birdflesh side, even though Embalming Theatre do an Infest cover, and only the first four tracks. "Vikings From the North(Carnage From Beyond)" is good every once in a while but I usually skip it. The black metal vocals and tongue-in-cheek lyrics with the newer style Darkthrone music turned upbeat instead bleak and grim is entertaining but not a conducive to getting ripped and rocking the fuck out.
The rest of this side of the EP is some sick death metal influenced grind. Deep, gruffly growled vocals with thick, well produced blasts and chugging riffs. Kind of the Attack of the Mad Axe Men style if that helps, especially because i have this idea of both bands always playing with huge smiles the whole time. My favourite track is "Blind Butcher" because it has the most energy. The whole time I want to circle pit and fucking kick people in the face. There's even a violin solo and a hilarious sound clip. But don't take just my word for it. Smoke. Listen. Grind.

"I am so big and müscular!"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not dead, just still computer and even internetless. Sorry bros. Hopefully soon I'll have more links, bong rips and blast beats.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Not For Babies

So I'm stealing a link so I don't have to upload this, but here's the Chainsaw to the Face/Hummingbird of Death split 10". My copy was on black, although there are 170 on purple marble, which is sexy. The artwork on this is amazing as well, I love the combination of both bands names into the image. Grinding fastcore brutality on the cover, and the vinyl.
The Chainsaw to the Face side is what you expect from a band with that name. Good musically, real fucking fast. I just cum buckets for HoD though, sorry dudes.
The HoD run through six songs in a freight train frenzy or blast beats and sincerity. One thing first kicked my dick and always will is how passionate and sincere Mike sounds on this recording. They write songs about all kinds of subjects,remaining intelligent the whole time, but on socially political songs their message really shines through. This 10" hits me like the first Gorilla Biscuits LP. It's hardcore about something. But really fast. What's not to like?
"First We Should Observe the Ancient Ritual of the Traditional Pre-Fight Donut" is a blast filled shredding intro that leads into "Shittier Luck Next Time". It and "Great Annoyance and Displeasure" deal with the shitty human beings wer're all forced to deal with on a daily basis, and those even worse exceptions. The true shitbags needing to choke on bags of decaying anus'. And "Ordinary Hard-Working-Law-Abiding Homophobes" is about what you think it is. It's Mike being fucking pissed about how normal people (gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, transgender) people are treated by the majority. I know exactly what he's talking about. There's also a rad Koro cover on here, they do the song "Acid Casualty". And at the end is the epic three minute "Anytown U.S.A." The excerpt at the end is Mike/the band's feelings on the us's war efforts in the Middle East. It's full of Discharge inspired lyrics, blast beats and fucking shredding. Oh the shredding.

“Look, you got to remember that if Washington D.C. were the size of Baghdad, we would be having something like 215 murders a month. There's going to be violence in a big city. It’s five and a half million people.” Donald Rumsfeld, former US Secretary of Defense, June 18, 2003
“I'm more puzzled by comments that the violence [in Iraq] isn't any worse than any American city. Really? In which American city do the headless bodies of ordinary citizens turn up every single day? In which city would it not be news if neighborhood school children were blown up? Day-to-day life here for Iraqis is so far removed from the comfortable existence we live in the United States that it is almost literally unimaginable. I don't know a single family here that hasn't had a relative, neighbor or friend die violently. Imagine the worst day you've ever had in your life, add a regular dose of terror and you'll begin to get an idea of what it's like every day for a lot of people here.” -Jane Arraf, NBC News correspondent, October 10, 2006

From Soft to Hard

Here's both sides of the Hirax/Spazz split that came out in 1997. I have no idea what kind of pressing info there is and I doubt I have an original pressing. The Hirax side of the cover is a band photo while the Spazz side contains the brutal exploding face illustration used on "Raging Violence". Max Ward played drums for Hirax at one time and sang for Spazz. The Hirax song was apparently recorded for the "Blasted In Bangcok" demo but was left out. Either way I prefer Hirax over Spazz. It's not that Spazz sucks or anything, I just havn't gotten into them. Hirax however has an awesome, raw old school traditional metal crossed with early thrash. This obviously evolved to the full blown thrash band they are now. This real fast hardcore with Katon's vocals is a sure way to get you pumped up. Living room circle pits abound. His lyrics about world unity and peace is nice and all and I support how he feels. However, that's not how it works out unfortunately. But who am I to tell him not to have hope.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crushing the Left Flank

So as it turns out I participate in something called MCS(Medieval Combat Sports). The games I play are Dagorhir and Belegarth. I am without a doubt, I am huge fucking geek. I know this. But I don't JUST hit people with foam swords, what I compete in is a sport through and through. There are games out there that use magic spells, character classes, levels, etc. and are much more geared towards role-playing and building generic social skills then what I do. Think of the movies "Role-Models" and "Monster Camp". These games (NERO,Markland, etc.) are for pussies and fatties. Amtgard and Darkon are sort of in-between games. Amtgard with it's mandatory character classes, use of magic and very lax weapon specs allows for both uber-LARPy wizards/bards as well as well-rounded, hard hitting fighters(most high-end Amt fighters are better then any MCS fighter, not counting SCA, EMP and the like). Darkon is a little more intense using heavier weapons, requiring all shields to have solid cores and having minimum force rules making it closer to Bel/Dag, but there is still all kinds of magic and monsterNPC classes to make LARPers cum their pants.
If Amtgard and Darkon are pimply faced teenagers listening to Black Flag and the Circle Jerks for the first time, then Bel/Dag is like a high schooler or college freshman listening to Repulsion and Siege for the first time. These games are full contact sports and allow grappling, shield bashing/edging and shield kicking. Spears, two handed weapons (swords, axes,glaives ) are effective support weapons that can bruise or knock the wind out of you. And getting shot in the face with an arrow or hit with a javelin just plain hurts. You're allowed to throw a javelin as hard as you want at someone from fifteen feet away, or stab someone in the torso as hard as you want. Keeping in mind the whole time that it's all foam and there are people everywhere with glasses and humps from years of walking around looking at their feet. This sort of brings me to the different kinds of people that participate. There are basically three categories:flurbs (role-players), stick jocks(athletes like runners, lacrosse players, rugby players, etc.) and historical buffs/re-in-actors. Not every one of us falls into only one of these categories. By default, everyone picks a "character name" or "moniker" if they'rekvlt making them a role player. Everyone is also required to wear a period costume, or "garb". We like taking as much of the mundane out as possible, medieval is the key.Pre -gun powder period. Yes we're aware China had gun powder, but not guns. And the fantasy genre is recognized so in theory things like Star Wars are doable, with thepre-requisite that all garb/armor be made of period materials. The average person falls into stick jock and flub/history buff or flurb and history buff. Personally, I play a black elf and the unit I'm in compromised of dudes playing goblins, orcs and ogres. We all hit hard and use aggressive tactics. This puts us in the flurb/stick jock category. Nonetheless people complain about us "hitting too hard" because they are pussies. And I will admit right now that stabbing someone in the torso is one of the most satisfying things you will ever do. When you can walk on the field and see the fear in the new fighters eyes when they see you, the ego boost you attain is unlike any you will find anywhere else. Wading into battle with only a 48" sword in your hands and destroying all the shields and bodies that line up to you is a way to truly appreciate how Dwight refers to Marv in "Sin City". "More at home swinging an axe into someone's face in the slaughter fields of the arenas. They would have thrown girls like Nancy at him." This is really an accurate description how it feels.
The normal flurb concerned person will focus on garb, acting out their character and will rarely enter the battle field. When they do it is usually with sub-par equipment and even worse fighting ability. Whether this be through magic use or just no effort all, they are usually not effective in combat. They can however make excellent non-coms and help out with administrative duties. The average re-enactor will have fantastic, historically accurate garb for their persona. They will usually stick to a similar weapon combo and fighting style including shield/weapon weight and design. A lot of them also make their own period camping materials such as tents, buckets and feast ware (utensils, bowls, cups).
An average stick jock is only out for fighting. They care little about looking period wearing Underarmor just below tabards with tennis shoes and Oakleys. Weapon and shield weight/construction are priority for them. The lighter, longer lasting materials are highly desired. Weapon sets vary vastly due to the desire to become knighted. This usually involves intimate knowledge of several weapons and various other skills. The average stick jock uses onmi-directional swords or clubs, and flails. Both items are light an easy to wield as there is no concern for using the striking edge as there is none.
An interesting aspect to MCS is the skills and trades on acquires. Leatherworking, metal and or leather armor crafting, sewing, embroidery, woodworking, the list goes on. Organizations like the SCA and Amtgard have programs and award system for medieval arts and sciences. They even hold tournaments awarding astonishing one of a kind prizes. Some people even take these hobbies to the career level and make museum quality replicas or even movie props. Edhellen Armory is company that started out making foam weapons and has gotten to the point where they could contract the majority of the weapons used in the "Role Models" film, and have been generally successful enough to purchase a park for MCS, re-enactment, LARPs and many other activities. Other companies offer clothes, shoes/boots, armor accessories and even weapons to MCS participants from multiple games. SCA armorers particularly make wads of cash if they are willing to invest all their time into the art. A man that invests enough time is able to craft truly unique pieces of art out of metal or leather using the same techniques of the cultures we emulate.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday 7" to Do Bong Rips To

First up, props to whoever I downloaded this from. You rule for showing me these dudes. Also props to my friend Teen Wolf for talking about them non-stop. It paid off.

Here's a sixteen track 7" in just just over eleven minutes of raging hardcore/fastcore/power-violence. The power-violence is mostly in the music though as WM have the strained hardcore vocals Weekend Nachos and all those other bands who have that awesome sound. Musically they have fast, really fast hardcore and then moshtastic sludge parts. I believe this is why WM calls themselves of power-violence band even though to me it's more hardcore/fastcore. And these guys actually know how to write songs with memorable parts. Like the double take on "Setec Astronomy" with a four count, then an eight count before the songs takes off. There is lots of groove on here that can mostly be attributed to the heavy bass presence. It's very thick and put in front of the guitar for optimum effect. Weak Minds apparently has an ex-touring member of Insect Warfare, but they're from TX so who is surprised there? It really shows though both musically in print, i.e. song titles. "Fucked Up on PSP's" is a good example as well as "Art Is the Bastard" and "Crowhurst". I also really dig their appropriate take on satire with audio samples from "The Big Lebowski" and video game references. I'd point them all out but if your geek isn't big enough to know already then listen to another band.
There's also a cover on here with some dude in some band. I'm not sure exactly what song, but I think it's the one that sounds like Macabre. I love hearing Macabre influences, don't you?

The one about Freakazoid

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Discography To Do Bong Rips To/50th Post Grindtasticle Extravaganza

So it's Saturday. And this is my 50th post. With these two things happening simultaneously I'm going nuts with a discog to be stoned to all day, and if cannabis possession wasn't so illegal I'd be uber sure they would support the idea.
I definitely feel a crusty grind band is one of the most perfect ways to spend a day high, and 324 fits that bill. I have posted about them before, but here's a fucking doozy. I'm upping their (almost) entire discography. The only things excluded are songs on comps(which is a lot), their 97' demo as all its contents were re-recorded, the Venomous Concept split(couldn't find it) and the Slight Slappers 7" split flexi which apparently sucks and isn't worth listening to, not that I didn't want to find it. But that still leaves you guys with SIX 324 albums to grind to. My personal favourite full-length is Boutokunotaiyo, but Customized Circle is a close second.
I don't really know how to talk about the music anymore than I already have. Grind. Crust. Fast. Loud. Aggro. That's all you need to know. Just download and get crazy.
Okay I lied, I can talk some more. Like about the super thick, chunky bass grooves Babi plays. Totally on my top five bass players list off all time. I'm honestly a little miffed Mr. Childers left him off his list. This and their amazing drummer really showcase how the band is very low-end driven. Even in the deep yells of Masao help solidify this concept. His yells are deep, throaty, raw, full of energy/passion and I can't understand a god damn word of it because it's in Japanese. Merlin it sounds good though. This guy spouts it out like no one you've ever heard. These guys even use gang vocals a couple of times which is super hardcore, not very grind. And Sakata is not your average grind drummer. One could say he's to grind as Fenriz is to black metal. Punk as fuck and he knows both how to groove and how to move a circle pit. In a lot of their earlier records I also hear the same effect on his blasts as xDxAx. I refer to it as the "vortex effect of the blast". That kind of ringing from the cymbals during the blasts, you know the one I'm talking about. It makes you weep.
The Unlisted Track from "Across Black Wings" is a couple of the "Soulwinter" EP song re-recorded. It also has one of the only uses of gang vocals besides "Rebelgrind".
I'd love to give a short bio of these guys, but I don't really know anything. Their Myspace says some type of Kanji symbol I can't read, and I've already mentioned they're from Nippon(Japan). I don't even know if these dudes are in other bands, but I'd love to hear what they're doing. And if anyone can find the missing pieces to the discog or some fucking English lyrics, please let me know.

Here's the chronological order of albums posted:
Customized Circle EP
Soulwinter EP
3-Way Split
Across Black Wings EP

Decontrol Drive

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunshine and Circle Pits

Another amazing band (ironically from MA, and FSU associated) that gets me stoked it's summer is Colin of Arabia. These guys play stripped down, pissed hardcore that easily gets you raging. And these guys pour their hearts on their sleeve in multiple aspects of the band from the lyrics to the numerous covers they've recorded showcasing their influences. Misfits, Black Flag, Slapshot and Bad Brains which I left off as it's the worst Bad Brains song ever. I mean really, "Regulater"? Come on! Sort of wish they'd have done a Cro-Mags cover considering their use of Cro-Mags riffs, the breakdown in "War On the Poor" being a perfect example. It's the "Crush the Demonic" riff with some different words, but it ends up being sweet. Lots of energy to invoke stage dives and vicious circle pits with kicks to the skull.
No complete albums on this one, just all the random songs that make me rage.

Everyday I walk the same way home
Every walk so fucking alone

Sunshine and Circle Pits

Despite what naysayers think (brutalalex), Bane is to me one of the most relevant and just awesome hardcore bands from the 90's. I guess I still believe some bands have a message, and some of those sXe revival bands are fucking good. Bane, Carry On, Shark Attack. All great stuff. Some of the Bane guys have also been in Converge, but have since moved on to smaller and better things.
Since these guys play hardcore I'm not to going to be eloquent, instead I'll continue using words like energetic, fast, heartfelt, meaningful and I'll mention how fucking incredibly ugly Aaron Bedard is. But man I love that guy anyway, his voice and overall message really get me every time. It's moving stuff. The lyrics fit all of my above adjectives as well, and with hardcore that's usually a big deal since the music churned out gets monotonous easily. And Bane is for sure one of those bands you need to see live because you get to pile on top of kids to point and sing a long. Every memory I have of their songs invoke happiness and fun, which are thoughts one can never have too many of.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4:20 Grind Madness

I know I missed the holiday post by a day. My bad. I worked nine hours yesterday and spent the rest in a coma from baked goods. Sue me. Because of this you guys get this whole CD(-1) plus their two Black Sabbath covers(+2)!
Brutal Truth doesn't need much of an introduction. They have members in multiple well known bands, have written for "popular publications", and are all around advocates for things that are awesome. Like grind and cannabis. It seems only fitting to post a CD entitled "For Drug Crazed Grind Freaks Only!" on the day for celebrating cannabis' many uses. It was recorded in New Zealand during the "Sounds of the Animal Kingdom Tour" and has one new, totally worthless song at the end, so I cut it in lieu of these rad covers with Kevin Sharp telling you when to SMOKE. I do have to admit that I'm bummed no one says the line "Smoke it mother fucker!" in "Choice of A New Generation" during that sick bass run before they kick back into the Disrupt riff they use. The live sound production on this is fabulous also. You hear all the instuments. The snappning snare, vicious rumbling bass and dissonant guitars all with Sharp's throats and groans.
Both covers,like I said, are from Black Sabbath and came from an Earache Sabbath tribute("Lord of this World") and a Hydra Head Sabbath tribute ("Cornucopia"). I know both are on CD and I believe "Masters of Misery" is in LP form also. The "In These Black Days" comp was a series of four seven inches also, one of which is a double 7". I have three of them, not vol. III, it eludes me.
Anyway, rock this shit real loud when you get high next time.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hardcore, stage dives, high fives!

I'm going to see Death Before Dishonor (meh), The Mongoloids and fucking Death Threat tonight. In all honesty I just want to sing along to Death Threat for an hour, but I'm sure they won't play very long. The venue I'm going to The Jackpot has something every Thursday night called Neon where all the high school kids congregate to listen to "dance" music, dry hump and do lots of underage drinking. Apparently this used to be 80's themed, which makes way more sense. Cocaine, bright lights, spandex/tight jeans, underage drinking, it's all 80's. Not Lady Gaga and Beach House. What really blows my mind is that the DJ for Neon, Cruz, sings for a thrash metal band called Hammerlord that has former members of the Esoteric, Coalesce, and Nodes of Ranvier. What the fuck?
Anyway, I'm gonna have fun like I did when I saw Bane(who I get to see the 27th at another venue across the street) and then Magrudergrind there.
My good friend Ingvar (Mike is his real name, but I only call him by his fighting name) sings for a band called Defile from IN somewhere. I like him and his band, so check out their demo.
This is 3:24 (irony?) minutes of raging hardcore with lots of energy and some d-beats. The quality of this is shit and I can't really hear the bass at all, it's just vocals, drums and something resembling a guitar, which makes the music suffer I think. I like Ingvar's vocals, they sound reminiscent of Human Furnace at times and the drummer has sick d-beats/two-step parts. Simple but effective.

Insert intelligent riposte.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Saturday Songs to Get Stoned To

Editer's Note: Metalsucks actually did a good job on both Saturday and Sunday of providing songs to get fucked up to.
I know it's not Saturday, but I'll be out of town this weekend for a day battle, so this will have to do because I'm sure Metalsucks won't do any better.
On one of the occasions deathgrindfreak posted something not death metal or grindcore related it turned out to be the full album of a band I've always wanted to hear more of after seeing them play with Despised Icon and Ed Gein. Swarm of the Lotus is by far one of the loudest bands I've ever seen. This counts Ted Nugent and Slayer. Although those bands played in large venues, Swarm of the Lotus had the same full stack rigs in a fucking bar. It was almost excruciating.
I've always had a couple of random Swarm of the Lotus songs I listened to, but this is a pretty fucking solid album containing melodic, sludgy riffs. Slower music really doesn't usually get my attention, but these guys pull of the heavy really well. I've uploaded the first seven songs as I truly have music ADD if it's not absolutlely enthralling, and this drones on at about track eight. If you dig all these however feel free to get the rest of the album and enjoy in your indica induced bliss.
These guys have some other material out as well. Some sort of sweet picture disc, a song on an Eyehategod tribute at least, maybe more.

Filth Vermin
Blackened putrid open sore
You're rotted

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunshine and Circle PIts

I'm sure a lot of other people feel the same way I do about this time of year. No more cold weather jackets and pants. No stupid hats or gloves. We can wear t-shirts and shorts showing off our tough ankle tattoos. And even more important bands tour during the summer. A lot. The average moderately known touring hardcore band might play 100 shows in 120 days or more depending on how much DIY they have in their veins. Just think of how many stage dives, circle pits, high fives, head walks and finger pointing sing-a-alongs just one band incites over the course of a tour cycle. Then just imagine how a fucking sick, original sounding band like Righteous Jams would turn it up. Hardcore in itself is no frills, so the little bits bands add make it refreshing every time they play. And these dudes play energetic simple hardcore with a rock and roll feel. A lot like Black Flag, but less Sabbath more punk and some truly sick bass riffs. Which is something hardcore is bereft of sometimes. They're also from Boston so the lyrics have those awesome hardcore colloquialisms I love. And the lyrics themselves are straight forward and honest, not full of confusing analogies that can be used for multiple meanings. I can say that I read the lyrics of every band I listen to, and sometimes I don't care what a band is saying but there's something about these lyrics I just really love. I think it's because Joey C writes lyrics just like I would.
Even though Righteous Jams hasn't really done anything since "Business As Usual" in 07/08 which really bums me out. They've always been one of my favourite hardcore bands and I would love to hear all kinds of new output. But I'm posting the first LP they did called "Rage of Discipline" on Lookin Out from 2004.

Here is the full track listing, but I left off a couple of songs in the download because I didn't like them. What now?
1.Rage of Discipline
2.Iron Mind
3.Green Eyes
4.Bust It
5.No Glory
6.Small Fish
8.Scream and Shout
9.Where It's Due
10.Righteous Jams

"I don't wanna listen to you scream and shout,
I don't give a shit what you've been talking about,
all your little mind games are bummin me out!"

Consider this one of (more than one) posts about summer hardcore happy fun time.

From Soft to Hard

Monday I received my vinyl copy of Wormrot's debut LP "Abuse". My iPod said I listened to it over 1300 times since first finding out about them in early December, so thank Merlin that wasn't the deal with the vinyl. It was imported however so there is a little damage to the cover, I mean TVG is in Germany. But oh wait, I ordered this straight from the band, so it came from fucking Singapore, so I'm not really bummed. I got one of the 552 black records, and TVG still has some of the red available, but there are only 110 so if you want one get it quick.
I don't know how to adequately describe what follows after putting needle to wax. One can hear the influences of Insect Warfare, 324 and Napalm Death. But having read interviews I find that there are lots of western pop influences in the band. The is blatantly obvious by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover. It's shocking how fucking good it is too. The upbeat tempo and energy out the ass, just their originals. I also love Arif's Engrish lyrics. Reminds me of Total Fury and the Burning Spirit scene, and I dig that shit!
These dudes just got signed to Earache who's reissuing this on double CD (Abuse+34) and vinyl. They have a couple of cool shirts too with cool package deals. I think I'm gonna buy the CD for the extra tracks. Well and because I think these guys are amazing and I can't wait for them to get huge. They are putting together a US tour for later this year, so try to get them in your city.

Abusive grindcore holocaust is right.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Master-Ruthless Future+3 CDep

So I saw these dudes open for Magrudergind earlir this month. They played after a doomy sludge band called Stull. Stull was alright, when they got heavy, it was real heavy but like most bands of this nature I had a hard time focusing on the music and not the singer's super short cut off denim shorts. Then No Master came on. It was apparently their bass players birthday so the singer called for lots of dick punches as he sucked in a whippit before they started. As the feedback started I began getting excited from seeing the bands they were repping. Assuck, Discharge. Fuckng spiked denim jackets and tattoos. The heavy, crusty, punk that ensued worked the crowd into a frenzy which I loved considering there like 30 people there. Most people knew the ques and went crazy accordingly to whether No Master was crushing with crust or whirl-winding with blastbeats. I'm unsure if they played their demo straight through as their set but I really like Eyes and Act of War as a medley. Slow brooding and heavy until they explode with the raw punk energy missing in a lot of extreme bands. Grind isn't only about being fast and aggressive. Death metal does that too. It's the energy that really sets the hardcore based grind apart from the metal based Death. Is that too obvious of a statement? I hope so because too many bands forget it. I know Magrudergrind recognized it because Avi gave them a shout out and Joe more than complimented them. I believe he took Avi's statement of "Real crusty" and took it to the next level with "Crusty as fuck!".

"I've been bled dry. Pain is weakness leaving the body."

Check the two newer songs on their Myspace too. The demo is from May of 2009 so compare and contrast.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pulverizing Hate Mongers

The show was fucking sick, as expected. Didn't stay for Misery Index because I didn't want to walk home. Also only got to make small talk, no cool questions. Sorry guys.
But I also saw a super gnarly local band called No Master. I bought their demo and will post it first chance I get.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

From Soft to Hard

Ringworm/Terror split 7"
This guy came out in 2003, back when Terror were relativly unknown and Ringworm was still just blip on the massive Victory radar, though thankfully Deathwish Inc. pulled this split together. It's the second part of a four part series dealing with the four card suits. They've done three so far, the heart still to be released. This was the second 7" (the first having Hope Conspiracy and Suicide File, the third having First Blood and Blacklisted(originally supposed to be Integrity, lucky Blacklisted)) with two pressings. 4,000and 1,000 for the second pressing. I have four copies, two randomaly fell into my possession and two I sought out for purchase. One orange(500), clear(1500) and red(500) from the first set and I have an uncut blue record(325) from the second pressing. In the matrix on the Terror side it says "I need maximum output-more stagedives!!!" and in the matrix of the Ringworm side it says "For a good time call 804-306-6134...", which I did call once but the guy had no idea who Ringworm was, and I was nervous because I was like 16. Anyway, the hardcore.
Terror play that tough guy, self-affirming hardcore that got big(again) around that time. Scott Vogel, who I love as a singer, really steps it up when his band writes short songs. The "Lowest of the Low" EP shows this. Unfortunately the two songs on here don't hold up to the EP, and can in no way hold up to Ringworm. I just find them boring and too slow paced. Not to say I don't like Terror, just saying this was their weakest output until "One With the Underdogs".
The Ringworm side however is fan-fucking-tastic. Raging Clevo style hardcore played fast and hateful. These two songs also appear on the follow-up full length "Justice Replaced By Revenge" that came out two years later, obviously with a different production. I believe the two songs posted are from that CD, sorry guys. The 7" versions are better in my eyes.

"Seeing red, until I finally reach my THRESHHOLD!"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From Soft to Hard

Hatred Surge/Insect Warfare split 7"   
I found my copy of this online for like eight bucks , which I thought was a steal. I'm pretty sure mine is a second pressing (this originally came out in 2006) as the cover is white and the vinyl is transparent green. A few notes about the packing. The artwork on the front and back is SICK, Daniel Shaw is the man. And super big ups to Hatred Surge for giving Poser Disposer a shoutout. Those dudes are awesome. I found some of their 7" (which I own) online, if I find the rest I'll post it. Poser Disposer play a thrashy-grind, maybe akin to that of Macabre, which I hear in so many other bands I love. But I digress.
Hatred Surge is some Despise You style power-violence/grind that while awesome in it's own right, but has a hard time comparing to fucking Insect Warfare. Anyone unfamiliar with them with quickly learn they play Napalm Death to the extreme style grind fucking core. Rahi's demonic vocals and Beu's outrageous static guitar create a pummeling four minute orgasm. Obvious highlights are "Reanimated Horde" and "Hurricane Death", the latter having a tremendous amount of groove.

The correct track listing is also as follows:

1. Rot
2. Out of My Head
3. Pile of Shit
4. Funeral
5.Old and Tired
6. Farce
7.Negative Appeal
8. Obscene Creed
9.Reanimated Horde
10.But Now You Die
11. Hurricane Death

"Cut up the skin, drink from the vein. Obliterate the body, but the brain must remain!"

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Built to Blast

I'm going to see Misery Index with Magrudergrind on the third and I'm considering asking the Magrudergrind dudes some questions. Anything in particular you guys want to know?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Expect link less posts periodically. I still don't own a computer but I can post from my iPod.
"If you will it dude, it is no dream."-Walter Solcheck paraphrasing Theodore Hertzal, State of Israel Address.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Songs to Do Bong Rips

Since I've started listening to 324 I find myself always listening to the 3-Way Split they did with Discordance Axis and Corrupted or this album. "Boutokunotaiyo" is the full-length I would expect this band to evolve into from their 7" and split. It's the same fast, aggressive, heavy grind-crust from before, just amped way up. The energy and urgency went way up on this record. I wish I knew what they were upset about but but Masao just rages in Japanese the whole time, which makes it all the better. His vocal patterns are all over the place here with my favourites being where he just fucking yells at you non-stop the whole song. Check out "Swinging Skull" as a prime example. Short, fast, loud and fucking aggro at all times. Just the way I like it.
I have to admit that I only uploaded the first half of this album for brevity, but this is an intense 11 minutes. And "Broken Clock" is already on the 7", so you don't need that twice.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sunday Song to Do Bong Rips

I think the best way to start a new year and it's correlating first post is with a rad cover. So I'm giving you guys the Insect Warfare version of "New Rotation". For me it's a fabulous song title to accompany the beginning of a new Gregorian calendar cycle. I have to say the best part of both version of this song are the blasts at the very beginning and end of the song. Short exhibitions of obscene speed when they are highlighted like this always have a place in my heart. This is the stuff that makes grind art. The bits that make you warm inside and light in the head.

"Gulf Coast/Nippon Invasion"