Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hardcore, stage dives, high fives!

I'm going to see Death Before Dishonor (meh), The Mongoloids and fucking Death Threat tonight. In all honesty I just want to sing along to Death Threat for an hour, but I'm sure they won't play very long. The venue I'm going to The Jackpot has something every Thursday night called Neon where all the high school kids congregate to listen to "dance" music, dry hump and do lots of underage drinking. Apparently this used to be 80's themed, which makes way more sense. Cocaine, bright lights, spandex/tight jeans, underage drinking, it's all 80's. Not Lady Gaga and Beach House. What really blows my mind is that the DJ for Neon, Cruz, sings for a thrash metal band called Hammerlord that has former members of the Esoteric, Coalesce, and Nodes of Ranvier. What the fuck?
Anyway, I'm gonna have fun like I did when I saw Bane(who I get to see the 27th at another venue across the street) and then Magrudergrind there.

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brutalex said...

Bane? Come on, nigga.