Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunshine and Circle Pits

Another amazing band (ironically from MA, and FSU associated) that gets me stoked it's summer is Colin of Arabia. These guys play stripped down, pissed hardcore that easily gets you raging. And these guys pour their hearts on their sleeve in multiple aspects of the band from the lyrics to the numerous covers they've recorded showcasing their influences. Misfits, Black Flag, Slapshot and Bad Brains which I left off as it's the worst Bad Brains song ever. I mean really, "Regulater"? Come on! Sort of wish they'd have done a Cro-Mags cover considering their use of Cro-Mags riffs, the breakdown in "War On the Poor" being a perfect example. It's the "Crush the Demonic" riff with some different words, but it ends up being sweet. Lots of energy to invoke stage dives and vicious circle pits with kicks to the skull.
No complete albums on this one, just all the random songs that make me rage.

Everyday I walk the same way home
Every walk so fucking alone

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