Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Discography To Do Bong Rips To/50th Post Grindtasticle Extravaganza

So it's Saturday. And this is my 50th post. With these two things happening simultaneously I'm going nuts with a discog to be stoned to all day, and if cannabis possession wasn't so illegal I'd be uber sure they would support the idea.
I definitely feel a crusty grind band is one of the most perfect ways to spend a day high, and 324 fits that bill. I have posted about them before, but here's a fucking doozy. I'm upping their (almost) entire discography. The only things excluded are songs on comps(which is a lot), their 97' demo as all its contents were re-recorded, the Venomous Concept split(couldn't find it) and the Slight Slappers 7" split flexi which apparently sucks and isn't worth listening to, not that I didn't want to find it. But that still leaves you guys with SIX 324 albums to grind to. My personal favourite full-length is Boutokunotaiyo, but Customized Circle is a close second.
I don't really know how to talk about the music anymore than I already have. Grind. Crust. Fast. Loud. Aggro. That's all you need to know. Just download and get crazy.
Okay I lied, I can talk some more. Like about the super thick, chunky bass grooves Babi plays. Totally on my top five bass players list off all time. I'm honestly a little miffed Mr. Childers left him off his list. This and their amazing drummer really showcase how the band is very low-end driven. Even in the deep yells of Masao help solidify this concept. His yells are deep, throaty, raw, full of energy/passion and I can't understand a god damn word of it because it's in Japanese. Merlin it sounds good though. This guy spouts it out like no one you've ever heard. These guys even use gang vocals a couple of times which is super hardcore, not very grind. And Sakata is not your average grind drummer. One could say he's to grind as Fenriz is to black metal. Punk as fuck and he knows both how to groove and how to move a circle pit. In a lot of their earlier records I also hear the same effect on his blasts as xDxAx. I refer to it as the "vortex effect of the blast". That kind of ringing from the cymbals during the blasts, you know the one I'm talking about. It makes you weep.
The Unlisted Track from "Across Black Wings" is a couple of the "Soulwinter" EP song re-recorded. It also has one of the only uses of gang vocals besides "Rebelgrind".
I'd love to give a short bio of these guys, but I don't really know anything. Their Myspace says some type of Kanji symbol I can't read, and I've already mentioned they're from Nippon(Japan). I don't even know if these dudes are in other bands, but I'd love to hear what they're doing. And if anyone can find the missing pieces to the discog or some fucking English lyrics, please let me know.

Here's the chronological order of albums posted:
Customized Circle EP
Soulwinter EP
3-Way Split
Across Black Wings EP

Decontrol Drive

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Andrew Childers said...

i've been on a 324 binge recently too. if that's what thrills you, go hunt down magnicide, singapore's version of 324. i'll have more on them in the near future.