Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunshine and Circle Pits

Another amazing band (ironically from MA, and FSU associated) that gets me stoked it's summer is Colin of Arabia. These guys play stripped down, pissed hardcore that easily gets you raging. And these guys pour their hearts on their sleeve in multiple aspects of the band from the lyrics to the numerous covers they've recorded showcasing their influences. Misfits, Black Flag, Slapshot and Bad Brains which I left off as it's the worst Bad Brains song ever. I mean really, "Regulater"? Come on! Sort of wish they'd have done a Cro-Mags cover considering their use of Cro-Mags riffs, the breakdown in "War On the Poor" being a perfect example. It's the "Crush the Demonic" riff with some different words, but it ends up being sweet. Lots of energy to invoke stage dives and vicious circle pits with kicks to the skull.
No complete albums on this one, just all the random songs that make me rage.

Everyday I walk the same way home
Every walk so fucking alone

Sunshine and Circle Pits

Despite what naysayers think (brutalalex), Bane is to me one of the most relevant and just awesome hardcore bands from the 90's. I guess I still believe some bands have a message, and some of those sXe revival bands are fucking good. Bane, Carry On, Shark Attack. All great stuff. Some of the Bane guys have also been in Converge, but have since moved on to smaller and better things.
Since these guys play hardcore I'm not to going to be eloquent, instead I'll continue using words like energetic, fast, heartfelt, meaningful and I'll mention how fucking incredibly ugly Aaron Bedard is. But man I love that guy anyway, his voice and overall message really get me every time. It's moving stuff. The lyrics fit all of my above adjectives as well, and with hardcore that's usually a big deal since the music churned out gets monotonous easily. And Bane is for sure one of those bands you need to see live because you get to pile on top of kids to point and sing a long. Every memory I have of their songs invoke happiness and fun, which are thoughts one can never have too many of.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4:20 Grind Madness

I know I missed the holiday post by a day. My bad. I worked nine hours yesterday and spent the rest in a coma from baked goods. Sue me. Because of this you guys get this whole CD(-1) plus their two Black Sabbath covers(+2)!
Brutal Truth doesn't need much of an introduction. They have members in multiple well known bands, have written for "popular publications", and are all around advocates for things that are awesome. Like grind and cannabis. It seems only fitting to post a CD entitled "For Drug Crazed Grind Freaks Only!" on the day for celebrating cannabis' many uses. It was recorded in New Zealand during the "Sounds of the Animal Kingdom Tour" and has one new, totally worthless song at the end, so I cut it in lieu of these rad covers with Kevin Sharp telling you when to SMOKE. I do have to admit that I'm bummed no one says the line "Smoke it mother fucker!" in "Choice of A New Generation" during that sick bass run before they kick back into the Disrupt riff they use. The live sound production on this is fabulous also. You hear all the instuments. The snappning snare, vicious rumbling bass and dissonant guitars all with Sharp's throats and groans.
Both covers,like I said, are from Black Sabbath and came from an Earache Sabbath tribute("Lord of this World") and a Hydra Head Sabbath tribute ("Cornucopia"). I know both are on CD and I believe "Masters of Misery" is in LP form also. The "In These Black Days" comp was a series of four seven inches also, one of which is a double 7". I have three of them, not vol. III, it eludes me.
Anyway, rock this shit real loud when you get high next time.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hardcore, stage dives, high fives!

I'm going to see Death Before Dishonor (meh), The Mongoloids and fucking Death Threat tonight. In all honesty I just want to sing along to Death Threat for an hour, but I'm sure they won't play very long. The venue I'm going to The Jackpot has something every Thursday night called Neon where all the high school kids congregate to listen to "dance" music, dry hump and do lots of underage drinking. Apparently this used to be 80's themed, which makes way more sense. Cocaine, bright lights, spandex/tight jeans, underage drinking, it's all 80's. Not Lady Gaga and Beach House. What really blows my mind is that the DJ for Neon, Cruz, sings for a thrash metal band called Hammerlord that has former members of the Esoteric, Coalesce, and Nodes of Ranvier. What the fuck?
Anyway, I'm gonna have fun like I did when I saw Bane(who I get to see the 27th at another venue across the street) and then Magrudergrind there.
My good friend Ingvar (Mike is his real name, but I only call him by his fighting name) sings for a band called Defile from IN somewhere. I like him and his band, so check out their demo.
This is 3:24 (irony?) minutes of raging hardcore with lots of energy and some d-beats. The quality of this is shit and I can't really hear the bass at all, it's just vocals, drums and something resembling a guitar, which makes the music suffer I think. I like Ingvar's vocals, they sound reminiscent of Human Furnace at times and the drummer has sick d-beats/two-step parts. Simple but effective.

Insert intelligent riposte.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Saturday Songs to Get Stoned To

Editer's Note: Metalsucks actually did a good job on both Saturday and Sunday of providing songs to get fucked up to.
I know it's not Saturday, but I'll be out of town this weekend for a day battle, so this will have to do because I'm sure Metalsucks won't do any better.
On one of the occasions deathgrindfreak posted something not death metal or grindcore related it turned out to be the full album of a band I've always wanted to hear more of after seeing them play with Despised Icon and Ed Gein. Swarm of the Lotus is by far one of the loudest bands I've ever seen. This counts Ted Nugent and Slayer. Although those bands played in large venues, Swarm of the Lotus had the same full stack rigs in a fucking bar. It was almost excruciating.
I've always had a couple of random Swarm of the Lotus songs I listened to, but this is a pretty fucking solid album containing melodic, sludgy riffs. Slower music really doesn't usually get my attention, but these guys pull of the heavy really well. I've uploaded the first seven songs as I truly have music ADD if it's not absolutlely enthralling, and this drones on at about track eight. If you dig all these however feel free to get the rest of the album and enjoy in your indica induced bliss.
These guys have some other material out as well. Some sort of sweet picture disc, a song on an Eyehategod tribute at least, maybe more.

Filth Vermin
Blackened putrid open sore
You're rotted