Thursday, April 8, 2010

Saturday Songs to Get Stoned To

Editer's Note: Metalsucks actually did a good job on both Saturday and Sunday of providing songs to get fucked up to.
I know it's not Saturday, but I'll be out of town this weekend for a day battle, so this will have to do because I'm sure Metalsucks won't do any better.
On one of the occasions deathgrindfreak posted something not death metal or grindcore related it turned out to be the full album of a band I've always wanted to hear more of after seeing them play with Despised Icon and Ed Gein. Swarm of the Lotus is by far one of the loudest bands I've ever seen. This counts Ted Nugent and Slayer. Although those bands played in large venues, Swarm of the Lotus had the same full stack rigs in a fucking bar. It was almost excruciating.
I've always had a couple of random Swarm of the Lotus songs I listened to, but this is a pretty fucking solid album containing melodic, sludgy riffs. Slower music really doesn't usually get my attention, but these guys pull of the heavy really well. I've uploaded the first seven songs as I truly have music ADD if it's not absolutlely enthralling, and this drones on at about track eight. If you dig all these however feel free to get the rest of the album and enjoy in your indica induced bliss.
These guys have some other material out as well. Some sort of sweet picture disc, a song on an Eyehategod tribute at least, maybe more.

Filth Vermin
Blackened putrid open sore
You're rotted


Orthodoxyn said...

From what I have heard so far, the drums are killer, however the guitaring are too rock not enough metal for my licking, but not bad all in all

Shanetera said...

I can totally give you that. There could be more mega riffage here.