Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4:20 Grind Madness

I know I missed the holiday post by a day. My bad. I worked nine hours yesterday and spent the rest in a coma from baked goods. Sue me. Because of this you guys get this whole CD(-1) plus their two Black Sabbath covers(+2)!
Brutal Truth doesn't need much of an introduction. They have members in multiple well known bands, have written for "popular publications", and are all around advocates for things that are awesome. Like grind and cannabis. It seems only fitting to post a CD entitled "For Drug Crazed Grind Freaks Only!" on the day for celebrating cannabis' many uses. It was recorded in New Zealand during the "Sounds of the Animal Kingdom Tour" and has one new, totally worthless song at the end, so I cut it in lieu of these rad covers with Kevin Sharp telling you when to SMOKE. I do have to admit that I'm bummed no one says the line "Smoke it mother fucker!" in "Choice of A New Generation" during that sick bass run before they kick back into the Disrupt riff they use. The live sound production on this is fabulous also. You hear all the instuments. The snappning snare, vicious rumbling bass and dissonant guitars all with Sharp's throats and groans.
Both covers,like I said, are from Black Sabbath and came from an Earache Sabbath tribute("Lord of this World") and a Hydra Head Sabbath tribute ("Cornucopia"). I know both are on CD and I believe "Masters of Misery" is in LP form also. The "In These Black Days" comp was a series of four seven inches also, one of which is a double 7". I have three of them, not vol. III, it eludes me.
Anyway, rock this shit real loud when you get high next time.


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Andrew Childers said...

you missed 420? what the fuck, man? were you high?