Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunshine and Circle Pits

Despite what naysayers think (brutalalex), Bane is to me one of the most relevant and just awesome hardcore bands from the 90's. I guess I still believe some bands have a message, and some of those sXe revival bands are fucking good. Bane, Carry On, Shark Attack. All great stuff. Some of the Bane guys have also been in Converge, but have since moved on to smaller and better things.
Since these guys play hardcore I'm not to going to be eloquent, instead I'll continue using words like energetic, fast, heartfelt, meaningful and I'll mention how fucking incredibly ugly Aaron Bedard is. But man I love that guy anyway, his voice and overall message really get me every time. It's moving stuff. The lyrics fit all of my above adjectives as well, and with hardcore that's usually a big deal since the music churned out gets monotonous easily. And Bane is for sure one of those bands you need to see live because you get to pile on top of kids to point and sing a long. Every memory I have of their songs invoke happiness and fun, which are thoughts one can never have too many of.


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