Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday 7" to Do Bong Rips To

First up, props to whoever I downloaded this from. You rule for showing me these dudes. Also props to my friend Teen Wolf for talking about them non-stop. It paid off.

Here's a sixteen track 7" in just just over eleven minutes of raging hardcore/fastcore/power-violence. The power-violence is mostly in the music though as WM have the strained hardcore vocals Weekend Nachos and all those other bands who have that awesome sound. Musically they have fast, really fast hardcore and then moshtastic sludge parts. I believe this is why WM calls themselves of power-violence band even though to me it's more hardcore/fastcore. And these guys actually know how to write songs with memorable parts. Like the double take on "Setec Astronomy" with a four count, then an eight count before the songs takes off. There is lots of groove on here that can mostly be attributed to the heavy bass presence. It's very thick and put in front of the guitar for optimum effect. Weak Minds apparently has an ex-touring member of Insect Warfare, but they're from TX so who is surprised there? It really shows though both musically in print, i.e. song titles. "Fucked Up on PSP's" is a good example as well as "Art Is the Bastard" and "Crowhurst". I also really dig their appropriate take on satire with audio samples from "The Big Lebowski" and video game references. I'd point them all out but if your geek isn't big enough to know already then listen to another band.
There's also a cover on here with some dude in some band. I'm not sure exactly what song, but I think it's the one that sounds like Macabre. I love hearing Macabre influences, don't you?

The one about Freakazoid


Orthodoxyn said...

The first thing that comes to mind when I saw the band name is Active Minds, will download and see if they are any good. You didn't by any chance get it from this site , only just found them and the artist was on the site

Shanetera said...

Never seen that blog before, but I will soon subscibe.
If I had to guess I'd say I probably got I from am I mean? The quality and number of visual scans leads me this conclusion. Pope always has amazing posts.