Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Master-Ruthless Future+3 CDep

So I saw these dudes open for Magrudergind earlir this month. They played after a doomy sludge band called Stull. Stull was alright, when they got heavy, it was real heavy but like most bands of this nature I had a hard time focusing on the music and not the singer's super short cut off denim shorts. Then No Master came on. It was apparently their bass players birthday so the singer called for lots of dick punches as he sucked in a whippit before they started. As the feedback started I began getting excited from seeing the bands they were repping. Assuck, Discharge. Fuckng spiked denim jackets and tattoos. The heavy, crusty, punk that ensued worked the crowd into a frenzy which I loved considering there like 30 people there. Most people knew the ques and went crazy accordingly to whether No Master was crushing with crust or whirl-winding with blastbeats. I'm unsure if they played their demo straight through as their set but I really like Eyes and Act of War as a medley. Slow brooding and heavy until they explode with the raw punk energy missing in a lot of extreme bands. Grind isn't only about being fast and aggressive. Death metal does that too. It's the energy that really sets the hardcore based grind apart from the metal based Death. Is that too obvious of a statement? I hope so because too many bands forget it. I know Magrudergrind recognized it because Avi gave them a shout out and Joe more than complimented them. I believe he took Avi's statement of "Real crusty" and took it to the next level with "Crusty as fuck!".

"I've been bled dry. Pain is weakness leaving the body."

Check the two newer songs on their Myspace too. The demo is from May of 2009 so compare and contrast.

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Orthodoxyn said...

Good recommendation, Ironically I think their drumming sounds somewhat similar to Magrudergrind.