Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From Soft to Hard

Hatred Surge/Insect Warfare split 7"   
I found my copy of this online for like eight bucks , which I thought was a steal. I'm pretty sure mine is a second pressing (this originally came out in 2006) as the cover is white and the vinyl is transparent green. A few notes about the packing. The artwork on the front and back is SICK, Daniel Shaw is the man. And super big ups to Hatred Surge for giving Poser Disposer a shoutout. Those dudes are awesome. I found some of their 7" (which I own) online, if I find the rest I'll post it. Poser Disposer play a thrashy-grind, maybe akin to that of Macabre, which I hear in so many other bands I love. But I digress.
Hatred Surge is some Despise You style power-violence/grind that while awesome in it's own right, but has a hard time comparing to fucking Insect Warfare. Anyone unfamiliar with them with quickly learn they play Napalm Death to the extreme style grind fucking core. Rahi's demonic vocals and Beu's outrageous static guitar create a pummeling four minute orgasm. Obvious highlights are "Reanimated Horde" and "Hurricane Death", the latter having a tremendous amount of groove.

The correct track listing is also as follows:

1. Rot
2. Out of My Head
3. Pile of Shit
4. Funeral
5.Old and Tired
6. Farce
7.Negative Appeal
8. Obscene Creed
9.Reanimated Horde
10.But Now You Die
11. Hurricane Death

"Cut up the skin, drink from the vein. Obliterate the body, but the brain must remain!"


vengeance is mine said...

this thing is fucking awesome! as you might have seen i picked up a copy just a few days ago. now i have 4 insect warfare records the one sided lp, world extermination, the FID split, and this one. doing my best to slowly build a discography of what is prolly my favorite grind band of all time.

brutalex said...

where in the fuck did you find this record? Help a brother in grind out.

Shanetera said...

I really hate admitting it, but I bought this on eBay. In fact the only record with IW on it I didn't get on eBay is the International Fight/Blast Comp. (which is AWESOME). This was like 8 bucks after shipping and my FID split(with Short, Loud & Fast #16) for like 11 bucks after shipping. The comp was two dollars the at the local record store. I highly recommend it. Nashgul, In Disgust, IW (Into Crypt of Rays), and like seven other sweet bands.