Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunday Songs To Do Bong Rips To

Since yesterday Metal Sucks (and me) didn't do anything yesterday I'm going to do it today. I'm using Crowpath because Mr. Childers made a post about asterisk* and some people (including myself) commented about them. These guys are an awesome Swedish band that I first found out about in High School. Their metal is chaotic and groove laden enough to make for a good soundtrack or background to/for some bong rips that give a heavy kick to your brain.
I can understand why people label them as deathy because I sometimes see a strong Hate Eternal influence, and you can even compare them to Ed Gein(though this may be more coincidence). Crowpath utilizes odd time signatures in the drums, the rampant,insane riffing and the "slinky" yet crunchy bass a lot of bands use. They have a sort of tech style that is reminiscant of Ed Gein kind but Crowpath differs in they don't play it almost to a powerviolence/noise level. They actually manage to get really brutal (obviously the Hate Eternal reference) in both slower parts and lots of blasting passages. Then they start to lay down sick grooves that are low end heavy. The bass riff in the uber groove at the end of "Twenty Years Delayed Abortion" is a really good example of this. The vocalist(Henrik Ivarsson, awesome Swedish name) does a lot of standard screaming he also blurts, wretches, scrowls and even screeches out some dense, heavy and very expressive words that seem more accessible than most of the American "poetic" lyric writers I'm used to. Except Jacob Bannon. <--"The Suburban Plague" contains my favourite lyrics, but there are some other good ones too. Fortunately these guys are a metal band and not hardcore, so lyrics aren't a super, super important element for me with these guys.

The other songs I posted besides the ones above are:
"Like Flies To Flames"
"Kings Among Cockroaches"

The four songs I posted are from "Old Cuts and Blunt Knives" which is a discography of their vinyl releases and "Red On Chrome" is their first full-length album. I know they've released two records since then but I havn't heard them. I'm sure they're great though. If anyone needs specfic track details let me know.

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Andrew Childers said...

my stack of crowpath discs arrived today! i'm catching up, i swear. and thanks for making sure i didn't miss them.