Friday, December 12, 2008

I went and did some shopping today. In addition to buying the "Jeremiah" 12" EP from Godspeed! You Black Emperor for Christmas gift I bought for myself the following:

Shredder Compilation 7", has songs from S.A.D. Boyz, Kondom-Nation, Aducted Children, Slut
Vinyl, Capitol Punishment and Plaid Retina.

Girls of The Gravitron 7". I've never actually heard them before, but a kid I went to high school with is in the band, so I picked it up.

Youth Revolt "Second Opinion" 7"

Cause for Alarm/Warzone split 10"

Judas Priest "Point of Entry"

and lastly I got a limited edition version of Avskum's "In the Spirit of Mass Destruction". The cover is what I'm assuming to be silk screened. The back is a map of their 2005 (un)American Tour. I didn't realize this until I bought it, but it's also quite limited. Hand numbered 131/200 limited. I can't wait to play everything.

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