Friday, December 5, 2008

Songs to Listen to While Fucked Up on Cold Medication

I'm sick as fuck today and in honour of my devouring lots of synthetic things I usually would never consume I'm posting to music I usually don't admit LOVING. There was a good three years where .hopesfall. was one of my favourite bands. But due to the usual member swapping, label drama, musical evolutions I'd rather put my dick on a chainsaw than listen to "A-Types" or "Magnetic North". Interestingly, the singer for HUM (Matt Talbot) produced "The Satellite Years" and did some extra vocals on "Escape Pods for Intangibles". And it's really not a surprise knowing HUM is an obvious influence on .hopesfall.
But I digress from their full-length as I'm posting songs from the EP right before that, "No Wings to Speak Of". I'm excluding "April Left With Silence" because it's my least favourite song. It's so poppy and not following the style that I like .hopesfall. to play. The other three songs have Jay Forest screaming his balls off to this atmospheric, melodic version of hardcore. You see them labeled as post-hardcore a lot, but I feel that's a pretty misleading assesment (as are most genre titles given by popular culture) as for me it's this awesomely weird coalescion of indie-rock and melodic hardcore. I guess I don't really know how to describe it, but I like it.

Make sure to take too much Robotussin so you're tripping balls.

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