Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Five Thousand Strong...And Growing

So today is kind of a milestone for me. I hit 5,000 unique views a few minutes ago. It's been under three full years of "writing" for me, about two and a half to be almost concise. Considering there are blogs that get 5K views every day, I feel pretty awesome. I'm by no means a pro, or even "good" at this. I've always had a good grasp on the English language (minus my bad spelling) but wasn't a big fan of writing in school. I didn't usually have the impetus to write about things I liked, like music. This blog was that impetus. I've really enjoyed meeting lots of you guys in the GrindBlog community we've established. I've made friends, made Jon Chang hate me and joined a much bigger blog that may set me up for internet stardom. I wonder what will happen in the next 5K views.
 I want to do something special for this, I just don't know what yet. Expect something awesome!
 Thanks again everyone. I'm real stoked.


Andrew Childers said...

congrats on the 5k milestone. i dunno how the rest of us are gonna keep up with the grind to death monstrosity. i'm pretty sure every other guy i know is writing there now.

Alex said...

Congrats man!

Shanetera said...

It's okay Mr. Childers, you're better at it then everyone else.