Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hey How Ya Doin', Sorry Ya Can't Get Through, Why Don't You Leave Your Name, And Your Number, And I'll Get Back to You

 So I have computer access now, I've been without for some time now. I can do things like download music, add new music to my iPod and take music off. All good things. But why can I do all these now?
 Because I live in mother fucking Philidelphia now. Moved here Sunday. So anyone thinking I'm still in KS or OH....

 I moved here on Sunday night after spending a week at Ragnarok, a foam fighting event. I was pimping with newly built gear, new garb and a better attitude then ever. For the first time in my 10 year fighting career I used a spear. A short 6 ft. harpoon that was difficult adjusting to at first but after two days I began becoming a menace with it. Now I need to add one to my personal arsenal.

 This year also marked something new for me. I started a squireship under a knight I greatly respect, Sir Rune of Mittlemarch. Here's a picture of us together on Wednesday. He's the burly mother fucker on the right side of the picture with the chain mail.
 Over the next two years(minimum) I will truly show my dedication to the sport , myself, my knight, my local realm, my fighting, my attitude and my garb. I will step up my game in all aspects be it physical, mental, personal, in game, out of game, on the field or off. I will learn what it means to be exemplary and how to lead by being exemplary. I'm pretty excited about it.

 Once I get settled in with a job and all that stuff I can start updating again talking about bands and shit. Good vibes.

 As a new chapter begins, the others remain barely open only to glance back at what's happened. Memories of blast beats, Fugazi, fucking epic pocket stabs.

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