Thursday, September 20, 2012

No Gods, No Cops

 I've still been destroying my ears listening to +HIRS+ ever since I've invaded their home turf of Philly. I've yet to hang out and burn a fat joint with the two dudes in the band, but my time will come. In the meanwhile, I'll continue listening to their 100 song discog and having my face crushed in. Starting with the one sided 7" I posted previously, this LP goes on a drum machine grind spree. My favourite albums featured on here are the aforementioned one sided 7", their all covers split with Hulk Smash and their Dimebag 5.5" that had soundclips of the late Sir Dime and a Pantera cover medley that DESTROYS. This discog also chronicles the band's career with mentions of their short Australian tour this summer in the song "Gaycation" and just a shit load of ripping drum machine grind. Overall the lyrics are acute and to the point, the drum machine doesn't sound fucking stupid, the vocals are raw and tortured and the guitar playing just plain rips. These dudes fucking shred and grind then lay down massive amounts of groove when the time is right. The way grind should be.
 It becomes apparent pretty quickly that +HIRS+ is a Big Boys style crossing dressing, gay band. Especially once doing some internet research, and talking to one of the gay dudes you work with that has seem the band multiple times. I think that's fucking awesome. Not enough people are open with who they are and what they are about in the DIY grind scene. The guitar player from Cretin (Martina Ramierz) getting a sex change blew my mind and made me stoked to be able to tell people about it. That opens up all sorts of new doors for our beloved scene to flourish. 

Getcha' Pull!


Andrew Childers said...

somewhere gary floyd of the dicks is smiling with satisfaction. c'mon baby take a shit on me.

DesiccatedVeins said...

Yeah dude, I'm stoked that I'm seeing more queer/out/lgbt grindcore/pv/fastcore and members of the extreme music community. That's why grind is the best shit in the world.