Monday, March 2, 2009

I really can't remember where I got this from on the internet, but it rules. It's fast hardcore with the loud talking/yelling style of vocals with lots of gang vocals. The music (and singer for that matter) really remind me of Bane a lot which is good for Life's Halt because Bane is one of my favourite bands of all time. There a lots of flashy, crunchy power chords, fast snare rolls and an awesome bass sound that's bouncy and chunky. No chugging open-D chords here bitches. No frilly melodic passages, no singing, no pop-punk horse shit. Just fast, honest hardcore. The way I like it.
I uploaded the whole 9 track CD because I don't want to pick and choose what to upload. I'm in the process of tracking down a copy for myself. This album is entitled "We Sold Our Souls For Hardcore" and I know they have a 7" split with What Happens Next?, as well as some cool footage on Youtube of their 2001 tour.

Make it right, and make it fucking last!

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Miss Awry said...

I don't hate it.

Update more ya fag... =)