Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Song To Do Bong Rips To

Despite it being Thursday which is before the weekend, I'm gonna do one of these because Metalsucks has been putting up boring songs again.
Anyone that's ever heard a few Strapping Young Lad songs knows it's metal for stoners. Devin Townsend only recently having stopped smoking cannabis himself.
Everyone in this band is in at least three other bands, so there's not a lot of room for mediocrity. A lot of the SYL I like is pretty thrashy, and they have some weird dense stuff I'm not fond of. But these guys can write some really intersting mid-paced songs too, like "Monument". It carves out this groove with a marching snare with some pick scraping odd riffing. It's just fast enough to be up-beat and keep something on you moving. Finger drumming, head bobbing, the works. There are some other good songs on "The New Black" but this is by far one of the best.
The lyrics below are not from this song, they're from "Relentless" off of the "SYL" album. 

Bombs away, bombs away, everything is in it's place!


Miss Awry said...

I enjoyed this. =)

brutalex said...

damn, I'll have to change my bong blog