Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Song To Do Bong Rips To

Metalsucks is lacking again, so here we go.
I once again can't remember where I downloaded this 7" at but it's really fucking good. 324 are a Japanese grind band and have put out two EPs and 2 LPs as well as this. I've yet to listen to their other stuff but if it's like this seven minute 7" then I'll shit myself in glee. These dudes play their grind with lots of contrast between blasting and mid-paced grinding. The singer is has a Barney Greenway feel to him, but I'm okay with that as the music isn't very Napalm Death. It kind of has a crusty hardcore feel in the guitar and bass with the blasting and vocals. I've really gotten into this since I downloaded it, so should everyone else. It's hard to pick a favourite but "Idealize" or "Waterdrop" get my vote.
I'd love to look at some lyrics, so if anyone has some let me know.


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