Tuesday, September 22, 2009

EDIT: "Hacked to Chunks" is a No Comment song, both bands are covering No Comment. Sorry everyone. I suck.
Mr. Childers did some posts involving power-violence and fastcore so I've been ravaging my music collection trying to figure out some of the caveats and I found a killer 9" split of Hummingbird of Death and Chainsaw to the Face. I listened to it, it ruled. Then I found a 2005 demo I have of Hummingbird of Death and fuck my ass there's a XBrainiax cover (Hacked to Chunks) on it, so here's the whole demo with a super sick cover. If this stuff is power-violence, fucking sign me up.

Seriously, pass the effing popcorn!


Andrew Childers said...

there's just something cozy about power violence. it's like mom's vegetable soup on a cold day. it just always seem to hit the spot.

206-grind said...

Consider yourself on the roster, mate! The latest Hummingbird album is a treat.