Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Song to Bong Rips To

Edit: I was a little bit TOO high when I wrote this and I will either delete it or re-write it at some point.

I've posted a Krallice song before, and here's another one. This is the second track off their self-titled LP from last year. This is a lot more straight forward than "Forgiveness In Rot". "Cnestorial" is fast. It has tempo shifts and full outright changes all the time. This song is filled with build ups and then peaking with epic, soaring passages. Listen to this first 70 seconds and you'll see what I mean. I could re-write my whole last post about just this song. It's upbeat, there's shredding, the vocals ache out the speakers and into my psyche. It's fast become my favourite song on here. I find it the most upbeat and energetic. I listen to this song every day when I ride my bike because it's perfect for such an activity. You get into a lull of peddling and them BAM you're rotating your legs like there's a pack wild Ettin chasing you down and you have no other choice than to move away as fast as fucking possible before the angry militia of two-headed monsters devours you alive.
So yeah, before I start getting repetitive, just download and enjoy. If it warrants, I'll also post the new song they have for the records coming out in November this year. I can't wait.

The lesser gods have taken their withered placement back from man.

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