Monday, March 12, 2012

Your Pain Ends Here, On the Internet

Magnicdide obliterate ten short bursts of eastern Asia inspired grind on their "S/T" cassette tape. They are often touted as the Malaysian answer to 324 and that's a pretty fair assessment. Both bands have shared the stage several times in the geographical region and have a similar sound, however, 324 is more punk and crust sounding and Magnicide is has a more buzzsaw metal sound even if their riffs are hardcore punk as fuck. Gruff vocals over violently fast blast beats exceeding obscene speeds, though that description does glue them to a 324 reference. One would have a hard time saying they don't sound 324 but I would prefer to just use that as a base reference for Magnicide. I also hear traces of American hardcore in their sound. They utilize some New York style beatdowns a couple times and that shit fills me with energy and the desire to get into a pit.I'm actually REALLY curious to find out how many of the three guys in the band actively listen to American hardcore on the reg. Each of the ten tracks grinds in your fucking head with little variation of speed. This band adheres to Rule 324 just like other truly good bands. One of the few true hallmarks of a great metal/punk band.There are moments of start/stop grinding but it achieves a great effect instead of a pace impediment. This S/T tape is a precursor to their longer, more 324 influenced full length I've talked about before. I personally love being able to see a band's sound evolve, and you absolutely see that when comparing the two tapes. The songs on "Rise to the Annihilation" are generally longer with a more 324 feel to them. Straight up they sound 100% more like 324 on the follow up to this amazing tape. Listen and compare for yourself.

"Exceeding boundaries of mankind analogy"

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