Saturday, February 11, 2012

False Grind Alienation

 There are usually a couple different measures of quickly figure out why you enjoy a band more then you think you should and/or why everyone you've ever met loves that band. One big easy one, for extreme music, is to put that band on at around 70% volume when with a large group of people and see how fast they all start making faces of disdain and disgust until someone finally asks you to turn it down or change it completely(usually to something fucking stupid and mainstream everyone else in the group likes). The faster this happens, the better the band usually is. The other way is that "Holy shit" effect certain bands haves upon listening to a song or riff or blast beat, no matter how many times you've heard that song before. Every time I hear the Torture EP I get that feeling with John's voice or the fucking outrageous blast beats. Insect Warfare is no different other then me having the "Holy shit" moment in almost every song, sometime more then once. That is the true brand of a band that blazed through their perspective genre, and all music in general. This may just be the cannabis, but certain aspects of bands truly do transcend one aspect of media and art, and permeates into others. Insect Warfare is, for me at least, a prime example of true artist talent in a tight package not meant for everyone because it's visceral and in your face musically, lyrically and in the album artwork itself. Can you really think of one IW 7" that doesn't have fucking amazing artwork? What aspect could possibly be a downfall and dethrone them from basically being kings of grind, even posthumously? Few bands playing straight grind like they do as efficiently as they do. Little room is left for filler. Insect Warfare is one of those bands I can post easily about to spread the music, but I have a really time explaining why they are one of the best bands ever to exist on this planet. It's easy to pick out and name their influences as reference, but the band covers all that material already in a very literal sense so there's no use in talking about all the sweet bands they sound like. And despite posting about them already I'm having a hard time trying to figure out the best start off point for introducing people to this band, even after six years I still don't know where to start. Is that another hallmark of a truly great band. I guess I'll let the grinding blasts and shredding riffs do all the talking.

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