Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ghetto D-Beat

  Peter Mangalore play straight up no frills straight edge power-violence with an awesome d-beat twist. Think Discharge meets Crossed Out with lots of feedback and punk as fuck riffs. The bass is turned way up in that style of 90's PV, a trademark of the genre I'm quite fond of. This 5" called "Decay of the Iron Man" has eight fucking awesome songs in under five minutes. My favourites being "Moonlight Over Ghetto Prague" for the repeated chorus over blasts,
"Eternal Life in Return for Obedience" for it's surfing Dick Dale style d-beat
Something unrelated that interesting is the very last song "Gerwalk" is the only song with that production. It's a little louder and more crisp. Regardless it rips.
 I don't have much else to say about this short burst of awesome. Get high and rock out. 

"Cigarettes, alcohol, prostitutes, POT!"

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