Thursday, February 2, 2012

No, MY name is Bruce!

The second she got started on the first line.
 I got the power cable to my computer fixed. And by that I mean I got a new one. Huzzah! So I don't have much musically to talk about right now but I got a fucking awesome new tattoo from my bro Scareika who is apprenticing at Hard Knox Tattoos here in MV. She gave me this rad shark tattoo. I've named him Bruce, the Terror Shark. This was her sixth or seventh tattoo ever and like her first or second in a shop with a real tattoo machine. Her man-friend Justin and another artist in the shop Reptar (both of whom are great artists) helped her the whole way. Reptar really helped explain to her how to do the shading which I'm way happy with. This took almost all day, from her drawing it to pee breaks and she even had to stop twice and pierce two people that came in since the other piercer was off that day. The tattoo itself was only about two hours maybe but I was in the shop from 1 until like 7. I can't wait for my next tattoo from her. She's going to do a Diver Dan scuba suit with one hand missing. The hand will have blood spurts and be beside the shark. The diver will be holding a knife of broken beer bottle and trying frantically to flee.
 I think I have too much fun with this thing. I'll squish or stretch it to make him a short fat shark or a tall skinny shark, the whole time saying "Suck my dick, I'm a shark!" But aren't tattoos supposed to be fun?
It's on the top of my right thigh.
I knew you were going to ask.

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