Saturday, March 5, 2011

CD to Get Stoned To

Stygian themed thrash made by power-violence playing coke fiends. But this is akin to stoner thrash, half baked being a good descriptor. There are lots and lots of Conan clips and other SWEET sound bytes. Sometimes it slows the flow of the album down a little too much, but that's a difficult thing to not do when you have a concept album like this.
This album is full of parts musically(and in song titles) that have overt and obvious influences to classic songs/bands. Bad Brains are my favourite reference,  but there are so many that I'm sure that even my trained ears missed a few. Nevertheless, there's lots of headbanging thrash. And curse words. I thoroughly enjoyed the use of the word "Fuck", especially in the track "Zamora".
I've been trying to make this a sweet write up for three days, but I get so high while listening to it I can't type. So load some bongs and get ripping.

Shoot Arrows
Eat Pussy

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kills me every time.