Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrash metal. It comes in many forms from many places. California being the most common, and often has above average bands. But Japan is the last place you would expect to hear straight up speed metal. Iron Maiden, NWBHM style thrashy, speed metal nonetheless. But somehow Jon Chang and Matsuraba put together a sick band of fun lyrics ala 80's hair metal with blasts and riffs only true shredders can play. There's solos, harmonizing just fucking fast music. Did you read that correctly? SOLOS! Like the first Gridlink album, this is all basically Chang doing high vocals that shred your ears like the guitars. There is a little bit of talking/whispering on the second album but that's about all the vocal variation you get. The low end on here is tight and rad. Syncopated drums with awesome fills. They stand out like most of Chang/Matsuraba's other projects. Oh, and the blasting, did I mention that? These guys really take epic songs that are meant to be Iced Earth epics, but play them retarded fast and cut the time in half. Imagine Maiden playing "Wicker Man" all the way through double speed in two and a half minutes. Unthinkable? No dude, this is it. Dig it.

Not relevant to anything really, but Invincible Gate... came out on my birthday. Suck it thrashers.

Headbanger's Club Dangerous Fire
Invincible Gate Mind of the Infernal Hell Fire...Or Did You Mean Hawaii Daisuki?

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Anonymous said...

best thrash ever. makes Slayer look like Corrupted.