Thursday, March 17, 2011

Skullet and Hammer-Communism Crushing Metal

Here's my first exposure to Strapping Young Lad. I saw this video when I was 19 sitting around my moms living room because I had just broken my collarbone at show. With no way to go to shows use or the internet, I had to rely on Headbanger's Ball for any form of music beyond what I owned. Back then though I wasn't a cannabis user to these guys appealed to me on a different level. My affinity for them only grew with the introduction of the sweet leaf.
What I loved musically was the downbeat, pounding drums and circular riffs between fits of blasting. This thrash tune is for head banging and circle pitting.
I love the video for two very simple reasons. Devin Townsend has an Iron Chef shirt and there are fucking robots with hammer arms crushing skulls. Truly metal.

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