Friday, March 18, 2011

Policia! Un. Do. Un, do, tre, qua!

 I really should not have to write an introduction for Sepultura. Everyone should be familiar with their name if not the sick proto-death thrashed out metal they produced in the mid and late 80's. 
 Obviously because of the nature of thrash these songs can get long, but Sepultura was good at creating a groove to get into. Everyone is good at what they do and they attempt to keep things interesting. There are lots of speed breaks or just heavy as fuck breakdowns. Andreas Kisser does some little dittling around for instrumental interludes much like his predecessor Tony Iommi.
My favourites should be quite obvious, but there is more than enough riffs and rage to last a long time for you to pick your own. 
 Now as much as I like talking about Sepultura, I also must admit that if you aren't already familiar with them then you fucking be. There really should be no need for me to explain them but here I am because some people never got around to it. Do it now. Thrash or die.

Beneath the Remains


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Andrew Childers said...

i go back and forth over which of those two is my favorite thrash album ever. beneath the remains has a rawer sound and an awesome hardcore vibe lurking under the metal but arise has better songs but a (very, teeny, itsy bitsy) slightly worse production. i've been debating that for 20 years now.