Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Industrial Stoner Thrash Metal of Yesteryear

I've already posted one of their songs before, but since it's Thrash Madness Month I'm giving a link to the whole album. Before anything else though big, uber shout outs to Angrychairs for posting the SYL discog. They have tons and tons of other great stuff there. Check them out if you haven't.
"The New Black" is the last Strapping Young Lad studio album. Devin Townsend has been releasing cycles of his own solo stuff that I haven't heard yet but am interested in at some point. The songs really run the gambit here with all kinds of different tempos, themes and atmospherics not only between songs, but in every song itself. It's all totally industrial stoner thrash, but these guys took it up a notch on this album. Everything is really top level from production to songwriting and onward. I have to comment on Gene Hoglan's sick drumming here. Devin Townsend told him what to play, but man he executes it well. As well as Devin sings and slays on the axe.  There are so many stand out tracks for me, but I know different people will like other songs more and I can say this with absolute authority because of the massive variations. Use "Anti Product" as an example, with it's mid 90's ska GWAR/Le Scrawl ska/jazz break. And the clean singing of "Almost Again". I don't usually like this however. I like a cohesive straight runthrough album that blasts, pummels, drills and beats me. "The New Black" really hits all the highs, lows, valleys, skies, nether plains and most aspects of reality in music. Or maybe that's the cannabis you have to consume to rock the fuck out. Either way I recommend this highly emotive and fucking thrashed out album. You should check out the 3/4s grind "The Long Pig" if for nothing else the sick bass riff. Don't hear those enough!Other personal repeat listen tracks are the duo "Polyphony/The New Black", "Decimator", "Far Beyond Metal" and "Monument". One features a manish thing with a dick that has teeth and mandibles. You know the one. If you don't, "You Suck". See what I did there?

Oh, you ironic pop-rock fuck! Don't you fuck with metal!

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